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U.S. Greenn Building Council MemberWycliffe Enterprises, Incorporated, recognizes that any development or construction project has an impact on individuals, society and the natural environment and that all employees, clients and contractors of Wycliffe Enterprises, play a significant role in these processes. Therefore, decisions made at the design and detailed design stages can be pivotal in determining the sustainability of such projects. In additon, Wycliffe Enterprises recognizes that achieving sustainable development is fundamental to improving the quality of life for all people across all nations.  

Wycliffe Enterprises defines sustainable development as,
"Seeking to meet the needs of the present and aspirations for the future without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

Wycliffe Enterprises shall:

  • Implement and maintain our sustainability strategy to achieve a sustainable culture in the short, medium and long term.
  • Develop and adopt best practices for sustainable design, construction, operations and maintenance.
  • Train employees in sustainable design practices and sponsor a select group of personnel to become LEED™ Accredited Professionals.
  • Incorporate LEED™ guidelines into design standards and/or require LEED™ Certification.
  • Set goals and objectives based on significant environmental, social and economic impacts, which will be subject to regular review.
  • Lead, share values and engage with employees and partners involved in our activities to achieve our sustainability programs while considering the long-term, global implications.
  • Engage with clients, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to deliver sustainable built environments that have minimum environmental impact, which provide sustainable communities and a bio-diverse natural environment.
  • Raise awareness and provide training to improve our business performance that is sustainable.
  • Prevent pollution of the environment and ensure prudent use of natural resources through resource efficiency, whole life costing, careful material specification and promotion of energy from renewable resources.
  • Develop life-cycle costing analyses that consider several scenarios using estimates of future energy prices from USDOE, the Energy Information agency, the Electric Power Research Center, and others.
  • Comply with environmental legislation, guidance, good practice and any other sustainability requirements to which we subscribe by surpassing the minimum requirements.

This policy reflects the aspirations of Wycliffe Enterprises, Incorporated, and will undergo an annual review by its Corporate Officers. This policy will be posted on office notice boards, and made available to all employees, clients and contractors on our company website, www.wycliffeinc.com.

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