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Wycliffe Enterprises, Inc. is now trading as Wycliffe Technologies

Jan 16, 2020news

So, why the Change?

Wycliffe has operated as two separate divisions with two separate names (Wycliffe & Power Comm) for the past few years. We’ve been searching for a way to brand ourselves as one company offering the services both divisions provide to our customers. We attempted to simply merge the divisions and logos but found it caused more confusion with new and existing customers. So, we had to create a new trade name that would help us re-brand and unify our services.

How did you create the name “Wycliffe Technologies”

We wanted to retain “Wycliffe” as part of the new name. We built the business with the name Wycliffe, but we had to merge in a name representative of our Systems Integration business. We work with so many different Technology Systems like Electronic Security Systems, Emergency Notification Systems, BAS Systems, and Unified Communications Systems which are ‘Technology” based system so, what better name than “Technologies”.
Please remember, Wycliffe Technologies is a trade name only. Our legal name is Wycliffe Enterprises, Inc. doing business as Wycliffe Technologies.

Is there a meaning behind the Logo

Yes. The logo is a Shield that represents the strength and security of the Systems we install and the services we provide our Clients. The WT is of course for the name Wycliffe Technologies.

Did your Tax ID, Cage Code, or Duns number Change?

No. Our Tax ID, Cage Code and Dun & Bradstreet numbers are all still the same. Remember Wycliffe Enterprises, Inc is our legal name and Wycliffe Technologies is our Trade name we will conduct our normal everyday trading activities under.
Thank you for wanting to know more about our big change to Wycliffe Technologies!

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