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Secure conference rooms are becoming increasingly important in the digital era, which is why the expert contractors at Wycliffe Technologies are fully trained to install custom-tailored, panelized SCIF conference rooms. Several different models are available on the market, but all of them serve the same purpose: protecting sensitive information. Learn more about our services in the Washington, DC area.

Learn About SCIFs In A Nutshell

SCIF is an abbreviation that stands for “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.” It refers to a secure area that prevents classified government information from being heard by unauthorized ears.

Here at Wycliffe Technologies, we offer both on-site and modular SCIF solutions that meet or exceed government requirements. 

Why Choose A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility?

All SCIFs must adhere to rigorous federal standards set forth by the ICD 705 Technical Specifications document. In addition, they require specialized construction materials to prevent all unauthorized electromagnetic signals from entering or exiting through the walls, airways, or plumbing pipes, as these types of security breaches are increasingly becoming a threat in the digital age.

Whether you’re looking for a container SCIF or a traditional one in your main building, all models must pass the grueling inspection conducted by a Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority.

Look For A Few Mandatory Tech Spec Features

  • Access Controls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Acoustic Barriers
  • Secure Data Communications 
  • TEMPEST Mitigations

SCIF Vs. SAPF: What’s The Difference?

A SAPF, which stands for Special Access Program Facility, is very similar to a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in that it is a specially designed conference room that is typically only accessible to people with high-level security clearance.

The main difference between the two is that they have slightly different accreditation standards: Secure SCIF rooms are typically intended for intelligence communities like the FBI and NSA, whereas the Department of Defense uses SAPFs to discuss military intel. 

There Are Several Reasons To Choose A Modular SCIF Design

  • You don’t have enough space to install an indoor model.
  • You’re looking for the most budget-friendly security option. 
  • You need access to a secure conference room as soon as possible.
  • You may want to relocate in the future. 

Get Support From Secure SCIF Rooms You Can Trust

Here at Wycliffe Technologies, we are experts in secure room construction. As a result, all SCIF models hold up to strict ICD 705 Tech Spec requirements, ensuring that all data-bearing signals stay within the confines of your secure room rather than traveling through the pipes and air ducts.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your organization keep classified information classified.