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Smart Parking Control System & Management

Car park management is a tricky yet essential part of day-to-day business operations in Baltimore and Washington, DC. Parking garages are shifting to digital systems because of their lower installation costs. In addition, many companies use hybrid solutions — connecting traditional hardware like gates to a digital hub. So whether you have an underground or above-ground lot, Wycliffe Technologies can deploy the best solution for your needs.

Extraordinary Parking Management Solutions For Any Organization

“Parking management system” sounds convoluted to the average Joe, but the concept is self-explanatory. It’s a hardware (or software) system that helps companies manage the parking spaces on their property. The system determines who can park where and how long cars are allowed to stay.

Using a software-based system dramatically reduces an organization’s administrative costs. For example, you don’t need to maintain physical barriers or hire security guards to monitor the parking lot. The software can also be fine-tuned to minimize the impact on traffic flowing through the surrounding community.

  • Commercial Warehouses
  • School Faculty Lots
  • Federal Agency Offices
  • Company Headquarters
  • University Student Parking
  • Critical State Infrastructure: Power Plants, Waste Management Facilities, Water Treatment Plants, Etc.
  • Hospital Visitor & Employee Parking Garage
  • City Hall

Feel At Ease With Masterful Access Control

Access control is the part of the system that lets authorized vehicles into the lot and keeps out everyone else. The latest programs link permits with the car’s license plate. In addition, guest passes can be sent to a visitor’s smartphone, granting her access to a designated space upon arrival. These automatic processes make it easy for people to interact with the system, often without the need for human contact.

Digital Tools Ensure Payments Are Simple

How money should change hands between user and manager will depend on your organization’s particular use case. For example, an office building that only needs to impose levies on violating employees will be best served with an entirely web-based platform. Meanwhile, a garage that offers parking by the hour should provide customers with as many payment options as possible: a smartphone app, credit/debit card, or cash.

The best systems can accommodate a variety of payment methods. Our experts can help you choose the one that’s best for you.

Effortless Smart Parking & Reporting Makes Management A Breeze

The deciding factor between types of car parking software is often their reporting capabilities. The quality and depth of these reports determine how well administrators can guard their facilities. They also enable managers to monitor space availability and alert the rest of the company when the lot is full.

Many software systems offer booking functionality alongside these reports. The program lets employees reserve a space ahead of time, guaranteeing spots for their cars when they arrive. Those who can’t get a place have time to alter their travel plans, like taking public transportation or arranging a carpool with coworkers. Pair this with real-time availability data and automatic allocation, and you can easily ensure that none of your parking spaces ever go to waste.

Enforcing The Rules Of A Parking Management System

Enforcement is a necessary part of a garage manager’s job: issuing tickets and fines, watching for overstays, and arranging for illegally parked cars to be towed. An all-too-familiar headache is tracking down the owner of an offending vehicle. Many parking systems require employees to enter their license plate details when registering. This unique ID makes finding parking violators a simple database search.

Dazzling Benefits Of A Car Park Control System

Employees and visitors want smooth, stress-free parking to get on with the rest of their day. Self-service booking with online payments makes it easy to plan ahead and not waste time searching for a vacant space. In addition, managers are looking for tools to solve pressing issues that won’t cost a lot upfront. A software system that offers real-time analysis from a central hub allows managers to monitor parking spaces efficiently and address concerns as soon as they arise.

  • Eliminate long lines entering or leaving the lot during peak periods.
  • Access software hub from any device connected to the internet (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).
  • Digital payments are hardware-independent.
  • Software is straightforward to use for both users and managers.
  • Systems can run parallel to your existing technology, such as automatic barriers and park-by-text services.
  • Quickly build your system with additional components and functionality as your business grows.
  • Issue and collect fines on the same platform.
  • Flexible deployments give you complete control over how you want to manage your property’s parking.

Upgrade Your DC Or Baltimore Car Park Management Today

A connected future is dawning over the DC and Baltimore metro areas, and intelligent parking systems are the first glimpses of that future. Wycliffe Technologies will guide your business or organization through the transformation. We offer design and installation services, ongoing maintenance, and technical support. So if you’re ready to upgrade your underground or above ground parking garage, contact us today to submit your service request.

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