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Access Control

With burglaries, theft, and robberies on the rise, it’s important to install the very best commercial access control system (ACS) with the help of Wycliffe Technologies in Washington DC. These simple, easy-to-use systems are highly effective at keeping out unwanted guests, and we provide them and integrate them into your existing security system.

Simple Yet Secure Entry

Our electronic security systems fit the standards for Federal Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management (FICAM). We can help provide office security for federal buildings where PIV access is required, or for regular enterprise security.

Access Control Why Use Commercial ACS?

  • Convenience Through Mobile Entry Or Keycard Access
  • Ability To Log Visitors
  • Encryption Technology
  • Improved Safety
  • Meeting Privacy Laws
  • Reduce Employee Theft Potential
  • Scalability With New Employees
  • More Cost-Efficient Than traditional keys and locks
  • Ability to immediately lock-down
  • Protect your business from theft

Easy Access Control Installation

At Wycliffe Technologies, we also make it easy to install your new commercial ACS by integrating it into your existing Public Key Infrastructure, or PKI, so you can start being protected and don’t have to worry about encryption not being compatible.

Our system can easily be integrated into the design of your building and are more cost-efficient than the leading competitors.

Businesses ACS Is Most Popular In

  • Government offices
  • Contractor officers
  • Medical clinics
  • Warehouses
  • Retail stores
  • Office spaces
  • Greenfield sites (developing sites)
  • Brownfield sites
  • Any office with sensitive client information
  • Computer manufacturing companies
  • Factories
  • Jewelry stores

Office Security Keeps Protecting You For Years

Electronic security systems are also scalable and upgradeable. When changes are made to your PKI or you need to update your system, our vendor PIV software can be upgraded as well. This protects your investment and is worth the price considering how much technology can change in the next couple of years.

Access Control Systems Resistant To Cyber Attacks

In addition to integrating into your existing PKI, our systems are also created with the best security against cyber-attacks, which are now more common than ever. We watch for vulnerabilities and advances in technology to continually provide a secure point of access to your enterprise.

Protect your Enterprise Today

Wycliffe Technologies wants to protect your business in Washington DC and the surrounding Baltimore areas with our high-quality, sleek, secure access control systems. Call us today to schedule an appointment and see how we can help protect your business.


Features and Benefits:

Up to 50% cost saving on green-field installations

By combining access control and identity management checks, vendor reduces the installation costs for green-field sites by up to half when compared with competing FIPS 201-2 systems.

Single management platform – simple and effective

Central to the solution is the vendor Command Center Software that works seamlessly with the user’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


Developed with full recognition of the crucial need for security against cyber-attacks, vendor use industry best practise standards for encryption and authentication of all communication links.

Future Proofed

All vendor PIV hardware is field upgradeable, future proofing your investment and covered by our vendor 5 year warranty.