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Design & Build Construction

Construction projects in Washington DC & the Baltimore Metro Area go through multiple steps from conception to completion, and that process happens more efficiently with design & build construction. It goes through many channels and teams when the project is for a commercial, federal, or institutional space. There are architects, engineers, interior designers, construction personnel, safety inspectors, and a variety of other people in the mix.

When there are a number of channels a project goes through, the chances of miscommunication and getting to the finished product as everyone wished are minimized. The design-build process helps to alleviate those possibilities and streamline projects like tenant fit out for all involved.

What Are The Features Of Design & Build Construction?

Design & build contractors bring all of the players to the table. In addition, this commercial construction method includes the following benefits:

  • The owner signs one contract that covers everything about the design and construction of the facility.
  • It streamlines communication between the designers, contractors, and engineers so that everyone knows what is happening at every project stage.
  • There is the potential to come in under budget and projected time because the teams ideate together.
  • This progressive method promotes a better product, faster completion times, and more efficient budget estimates because there are not two teams vying for their individual goals.

In many ways, this construction management method removes barriers posed by traditional construction methods.

How Is Design & Build Construction Better Than Traditional Commercial Construction?

Traditional methods require the owner to sign two separate contracts; one for the design and one for the construction. Additionally, the process alleviates several problems associated with traditional methods, such as:

  • The traditional method puts the owner in the middle. The owner becomes the go-between for the design and construction teams.
  • Under the traditional method, the design and the construction team create separate budgets, goals, and schedules. Instead, the design-build team keeps the lines of communication open by having both teams make a mutual budget, goals, and schedule.
  • Communications get lost or changed when they go through the traditional construction method. Design & build construction alleviates this because everyone works together in a hierarchy.

Why Choose Wycliffe Technologies To Design And Build Your Commercial Structure?

Wycliffe Technologies utilizes the fastest growing construction management method, the design & build method. You will have one contract and one point of communication to ensure your structure is done precisely how you want it and within budget. Contact us today and let us save you time and money when developing your commercial building in Washington DC or the Baltimore Metro Area.

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