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Perimeter Security

Wycliffe Technologies offers various perimeter security measures for all organizations in the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro areas. Our business security solutions are designed to meet requirements and enhance the overall security status of organizations. Perimeter security controls include motion sensors, physical barriers such as walls and fences, motion detection, gates, doors, windows, and structural enhancements.

Perimeter Security Design

Perimeter security solutions focus on three main aspects to ensure that the building is secure and people are safe. These aspects will have many types of technologies that are interlinked to provide one cohesive system. While you may design your business security solutions to focus on only one element, it is ideal to have comprehensive technologies and barriers to cover every type of risk.

  • Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Physical Boundaries

Access Control

Access control focuses on who has authorized access to various locations inside the building and around the property. It will focus on preventing intruders from entering as well as guiding authorized people to where they are allowed to go once gaining entry. Types of access control electronic security systems may include gates, RFID access cards, keypads, and biometric authentication systems.


Surveillance focuses on monitoring the interior and exterior of the building for possible threats so that immediate measures can take place. Methods may vary based on the size of the building and property, the access points into the building, and the types of common risks for the building. Technologies may include motion detectors, window and door alarms, video monitoring, and guard stations.

Physical Boundaries

Physical boundaries can protect the property from intrusion as well as act as a deterrent for people to enter unauthorized locations. These physical boundaries can vary depending on the type of architectural installation and landscape design you desire for your building. Walls and fencing are common physical boundaries that can be erected immediately on the property. Yet keep in mind that if you are constructing a building, you may place physical boundaries that are blended into the architecture, such as pillars, which are more aesthetically pleasing.

We’ll Keep You Safe With Multi-Layered Security Systems

The best types of business security systems involve more than one type of perimeter security. This feature ensures that there are no gaps that could allow intruders to access specific locations. At Wycliffe Technologies, we offer a range of perimeter security technologies, physical barriers, and building enhancements that will work for your organization. Contact us today to find out how we can keep your business safe.