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Tenant Fit Out

Tenant fit out services allow you to customize your commercial space in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. Typically, as a commercial tenant, you will expect a rental space that allows you to add furniture, equipment, and infrastructure needed for your particular business. 

To maximize your return on investment and bring your plan to life, you need a reliable contractor experienced in construction and smart building automation. Wycliffe Technologies provides complete tenet fit out services, from wiring and structured cabling to flooring, window placement, and HVAC systems.

What Is A Tenant Fit Out?

Tenant fit out or improvement services prepare a space for retail, office, professional, and other commercial occupants. Typically, the building owner will leave the interior space empty, allowing you to outfit or finish it as necessary. When you work with our team of designers and builders, you have control over every detail, from the installation of ceilings, floors, and partitions to furniture selection.

Things To Consider Before Starting A Fit-Out Project

Proper planning is the key to successful tenant improvement.

  1. Obtain a comprehensive quote.
  2. Include branding in the design.
  3. Use efficient system design.
  4. Integrate IT and telecom infrastructure first.

1) Obtain A Comprehensive Quote

We can provide a comprehensive quote for your project. This gives you the necessary information to prioritize your plans and prepare an adequate budget. The quote will include the design briefs, building assessment, technical plans, materials, and labor.

2) Include Branding In The Design

Branding should never be an afterthought in the design of your business space. Instead, our team will work with you to ensure that the fit out properly represents your brand identity as well as the culture of your company. This will enhance the client experience and ensure cross-branding with your digital assets, including your website and social media pages.

3) Use Efficient System Design

As part of a smart fit out project, you should place power and HVAC systems for maximum efficiency. For example, it makes sense to put light sockets near doors, but you should also consider where you need to add outlets for coffee machines and office equipment. As a result, you can make an ergonomic, pleasant environment for customers, clients, and employees.

Service Systems To Include In Your Design

  • Structured cabling
  • Lighting
  • Data and power connectivity
  • Number, size, and placement of HVAC units
  • Ventilation systems
  • Electrical and plumbing considerations, if applicable

4) Integrate IT And Telecom Infrastructure First

Consider the placement of your technology and communication systems. You’ll want to minimize the risk of communication disruptions as employees serve customers. We offer seamless IT and telecom infrastructure integration as part of our build process. Therefore, you can count on seamless connectivity for calls, emails, and Wi-Fi service everywhere in the office or store.

Top Tenant Fit Out Team In Washington D.C. & Baltimore Metro Areas

Wycliffe Technologies has assisted commercial landlords and tenants with fit out services for more than 14 years. We can help you navigate the process of working with building management and owners or tenants. Our concierge service includes the design, permit, building, cabling, video surveillance, and furniture selection processes. Contact us today for a free quote!