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Wireless Networks

Wycliffe Technologies can provide the full design, installation, and integration with your new and existing systems to accommodate your wireless network needs. Your network infrastructure is the core of your operations and Wycliffe Technologies can develop a wireless solution to meet your needs.

Wireless Assessment

Wycliffe Technologies will perform a wireless assessment to determine a solution for your needs. A typical assessment is composed of the following:

  • Meet with certified wireless engineer to determine unique requirements for specific signal coverage, roaming, cabling, and aesthetics, and to discuss security recommendations
  • Perform a spectrum analysis to determine the number and placement of access points to provide optimum coverage
  • Provide site assessment report detailing necessary changes to your new or existing network including equipment re/placement, power considerations and wiring requirements
  • Provide detailed report identifying recommended access point positions

Why Go Wireless?

  • Laying cable is costly and/or extremely difficult
  • Necessary to connect multiple buildings in a campus setting
  • Historical building codes prevent the use of wiring
  • Mobile employees