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Air Blown Fiber

Wycliffe Technologies provides and installs air blown fiber technology systems including the tube cables, fiber bundles, distribution equipment and termination rack mount and splice enclosure. Our trained technicians and can blow and terminate new fiber as needed. Air blown fiber allows our clients to update and modify existing infrastructure without disrupting and rebuilding their fiber optic backbone Moves, additions or other changes are less disruptive and can be accommodated in less time.

Blowing fiber at speeds of up to 150 feet per minute allow us to run 3,000 feet of fiber in 30 minutes, dramatically reducing operating times and also allowing easy access to secure areas. Costs and downtime can be further reduced when blowing fiber as we can bypass additional construction permits and personnel escorts. The dark fiber waste associated with attempting to plan network expansions and additions of the future can be also be reduced as the necessary cables can be determined and installed in the future as your needs change.