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Mar 8, 2021Services

Springtime is right around the corner and that means it’s time to perform quarterly maintenance items for your Security System Software and equipment. If you plan to perform any maintenance work yourself, always remember to check with the manufacturer or company who installed your system to ensure you will not violate any Warranties in place for your Software and/or equipment. We highly recommend using factory certified technicians for any work on your Security Systems. This month we are reviewing items that should be checked during this maintenance for your Access Control System.

Below is a guide to help identify some general items in each area of your Security System that should be maintained at minimum once per year. Items should be checked quarterly if you have heavy traffic or heavy use of the system(s). Spring is also a great time to service your Video Surveillance Cameras to ensure your lenses are cleaned and your Cameras are still aimed correctly.

A few maintenance items for your Access Control System

  1. Main Controllers – Components housed inside the Control Cabinets
    1. Power is disconnected to the system including any back up sources. We’ll then check all screw terminals inside the panel to make sure we don’t have any loose terminals.
    2. Locking Hardware – If the Controller Cabinets use a Key to access them we’ll check to make sure the locking mechanism is not loose from the inside and the keyway is not worn down.
    3. Batteries – Check all date codes. Five years is the shelf life for most Panel Batteries. Inspect battery leads for any loose crimp connections where the wire lead meets the connector. Check for proper voltage.
    4. Power the System back up and re-connect the Batteries. Reset the system.
      1. Test the Battery alarm by removing one of the leads from the Batteries. This should send you an alert the batteries are off line and you are not protected should you lose AC Power.
  2. Card Readers
    1. Perform a visual inspection of all Card Readers to insure there isn’t any loose Readers. Hint; if the Reader appear to be out of level it could be an indication that it’s loose and is being moved around by those using PIV Cards that need to be inserted into the Reader.
    2. If your Readers are equipped with colored LED lights to indicate “Valid” or “Invalid” upon a Card read have a couple of test cards to check the reader LED and to make sure the system programming is correct.
    3. This testing usually requires two technicians. One stationed at the main system workstation to complete the checklist and ensure the proper signals are being received upon a Card swipe and to verify or modify any programming that may need to changed. Prior to any programming changes our Technicians will need to receive confirmation in writing the changes are to be made.
  3. Software Updates
    1. Most Access Control Systems release one to three important release updates per year. These updates provide for important security updates and feature upgrades. Be sure to take advantage of your Software Maintenance Plan and get the updates.
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